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Update: May 27, 2021:

The Reopening Committee was hard at work once again!  The Committee met last night to review the new guidelines and protocols we received from the Archdiocese of Boston. Please read the document below for those guidelines that will be put in place beginning this Saturday May 29th.  A lot of exciting changes are happening!

Update: May 22, 2021:

We have received guidance from the Archdiocese on important changes taking effect in line with the CDC and State of Massachusetts guidelines.  The Reopening Committee will be meeting on Wednesday to plan for those changes in our churches.  The email regularly scheduled for Wednesdays will be going out on Thursday this week (May 27th) so we can inform everyone of the new protocols we will be following.
For now, we can tell you that: 
Beginning this weekend we can all sing at Mass!
Beginning Monday May 24th we no longer have 
to register or sign-in to attend Mass!
As of Saturday May 29th masks will no longer be 
required for those who are vaccinated.
Exciting, right???
As stated above, the Wednesday email will be delayed to 
Thursday this week so we can inform you of all the new 
guidelines / protocols that will be implemented in our churches.
The email that was scheduled to be sent to you this coming 
Wednesday with the First Communion sign-up will also be delayed 
by one day to ensure that you receive the most current information on 
what to expect on the day of your child's First Communion.  
Look for that email on Thursday May 27th!
Over the next few weeks, staff and volunteers will be reaching out to each parishioner household by phone.  Many of those making the calls may be using their home or cell phones to make the calls.  So, if you don't recognize the number and they leave you a message - it really is us trying to get a hold of you!
The purpose of these calls is to just check in with everyone & to let them know about an exciting upcoming event.  The callers will also, with your permission, ask some very basic questions so we can clean up our two databases and move forward with merging them into one.
If you don't get a phone call in the next few weeks, we probably have outdated contact information for you in the database.  In that case, please reach out to us by calling Debbie Rhodes at 978-320-4212 or [email protected] or the Parish Office at 978-320-4220.
We look forward to talking with you!


Update March 11, 2021

Update! Blessed Trinity Parish now has our new official TaxID number. Going forward any financial interactions or checks should now be written to Blessed Trinity Parish. As always thank you for your generous support of our faith community.

Update: March 4, 2021

With regard to the J & J vaccine RCAB says: "It is clear that there is an urgent race against time, in the growing presence of these variants, to get as many people vaccinated as possible and to do that as soon as possible."
Please see the attached statement from the bishops responding to this issue. There is also a statement that was released from RCAB:

Update February 19, 2021

Many of our usual Lent Activities will be Virtual this year, check out the Lent 2021 page which is updated often for all the lent resources.

Lenten Video Series -

Beginning Ash Wednesday Blessed Trinity Parish will be presenting a seven-part Lenten Video Series. Each Wednesday throughout Lent, our host of presenters will give a brief 5-8 minute talk.  These talks will focus on various Lenten practices such as Ash Wednesday, Fasting, Alms, Prayer – and more! Musical accompaniment will be provided by members of our music ministry. 

Update February 13, 2021

Holy Week Schedule and Lent Resources can all be found here:


Update February 7, 2021


Update February 3, 2021


Update January 30, 2021


Update January 27, 2021




Update January 20, 2021:


Update: January 17, 2021

In Person Mass will resume on January 23, 2021 (Pre-Registration will start January 17, 2021)




Update: January 13, 2021

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Update: January 11, 2021

In Person Mass will resume on January 23, 2021 (Pre-Registration is required, check back for more information)

Celebration of Mass  4 pm Livestream every Saturday.  View or download the worship aid


Don't worry - virtual Mass will still be available! The "live-stream" Mass will be available every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and will then be available to watch later on our YouTube Channel.

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Update: January 8, 2021:

Blessed Trinity Parish Statement from the Reopening Committee January 8, 2021
The Reopening Committee, together with our clergy, have decided to resume in-person Masses on the weekend of January 23 / 24, 2021. In considering many different factors, it has been decided to move to two Masses per weekend until the demand is great enough to return to our regular schedule of three Masses. Until further notice, we will hold 4:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday’s at Saint Catherine Church (starting Jan. 23rd) and a 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday’s at Saint Anne Church (starting Jan. 24th). We will monitor the attendance numbers to determine when to return to our regular schedule. 
The committee recognizes the varying opinions on when and how we should continue the in-person Masses. Our foremost consideration is the health and well-being of our priests and parishioners. The safety of everyone in attendance is taken very seriously in order to be able to come together to worship. All State and CDC guidelines are considered in accordance with the Archdiocese of Boston and followed as closely as possible to create a safe environment for all. This includes the appropriate use of masks and proper distancing during Mass.
We encourage those of you who feel comfortable attending the in-person Mass to use the online registration to sign up. If you do not feel comfortable attending in person, we will continue to provide the online Mass for you to watch at home.
Based on the designation of our towns by the state of MA as being in the red, yellow, or green categories, we may be required to take the temperatures of all in attendance. This will depend on the designation of our towns from week to week.
The success of the in-person Masses relies on numerous volunteers, including check-in table volunteers, greeters, ushers, lectors and Eucharistic ministers. If you are able to help at Mass, please watch for the volunteer sign-up sheets! 
We thank you for your patience and support of Blessed Trinity Parish in this unprecedented time!!

Update: December 23, 2020


Please note that effective December 7, 2020 we have decided to suspend Masses & all in person events until further notice.
Masses are open to all members of our Faith Community. 

Please carefully consider your schedule as you register for Mass so we can avoid
last-minute cancellations and no-shows.This allows the maximum number of
people to attend Mass.Thank you for your kindness!

IMPORTANT!  Please read the "ATTENDING INDOOR MASS" document 
before signing up for a Mass!

  • Please try to register for weekend Mass by Friday evening. This will give us time to plan the seating logistics for the number of people who will attend. (The link to register is to the right)
  • Please CANCEL your registration if you cannot make it. Click the registration link (the same link used to register). You will see a grey CANCEL button about halfway down the page in the light grey box. Click this button to cancel your registration. (Or, if you registered by phone, you can call the same number to cancel).
  • Please do not attend without registering! The success of this Mass will depend on knowing ahead of time the size of the groups that will be attending so seating can be planned. 

An email will go out every week on Sunday with the link to register for the following weekend's Masses. (The link will later be posted here on our website.)

THANK YOU for being patient with our new processes. Health and safety are the number one priority. A little kindness and charity will go a long way!

Don't worry - virtual Mass will still be available! The "live-stream" Mass will be available every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and will then be available to watch later on our YouTube Channel.

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Update: December 7, 2020

Please note that effective December 7, 2020 we have decided to suspend Masses & all in person events until further notice. Fr. Joe had a rapid COVID-19 test which came back positive. He is currently in quarantine at the Rectory. Though he is showing no symptoms, Fr. Peter is also in quarantine. Please pray for the health and well-being of all who are ill.

Weekend Masses will require pre-registration as we have to limit the amount of people inside according to Governor Baker's guidelines. Our schedule is as follows:

Saturdays  4:00 PM - St. Catherine Church, Westford

Sundays 8:30 AM - St. Anne Church, Littleton

Sundays 10:30 AM - St. Catherine Church, Westford

We suggest to register early in the week to increase your chances of reserving your preferred Mass time.  Please note that everyone will be seated by an usher so we can ensure proper distancing. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of uncertainty.

The Reopening Committee is hard at work to make sure we have all the necessary guidelines in place to maximize safety and required social distancing protocols. For more information, please click here.

What we are also doing........
  • We will have one short video by Fr Peter or Fr Joe per week
  • We will broadcast at least one Mass per week
  • To conserve funds, most lights are off and heating/AC is used sparingly; dumpster emptying has been put on hold
  • We will have 2 faith community-wide emails per week
  • Twitter and Facebook posts may be more frequent
  • Most staff is working from home and are monitoring and returning voicemails from each parish
  • Staff is working behind the scenes to stay in touch with parishioners who may not have access to the internet and weekly bulletins are being mailed to the homebound or those who do not have computer access

Please know you are in our prayers. Please do what you can to help our sisters and brothers who may be less fortunate. If nothing else, please pray for them.