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Vatican Preparatory Document

Over the coming months, Catholics from around the world will be participating in the Synod on Synodality.

What does that mean? 

Here in Boston it means that we will be gathering, as parishes and as a diocese to pray together and to invite the Holy Spirit to help us to listen deeply to one another, and we will talk together about how best to do that.

So, for instance, a parish council may get together and ask “How can we as a parish council do a better job of letting the voices of all our parishioners be heard, even those who are not a part of an inner circle or who might be marginalized for whatever reason?”

The archdiocese and the church around the world will be engaging in the same sort of conversation. We pray that the Lord will open our hearts to Him and to all of our people. 

Preparing for the Synod’s opening, we encouraged you to take this brief survey. To date we have received some 1900 responses to that survey, and those responses will be drawn into the Archdiocesan record of the synod as well. That survey is still open, and the link is here: