Prayer, Evangelization, & Stewardship

Adult Faith Enrichment

Mission Of The Faith Formation Council

The Council shall serve as the strategic planning entity for the faith formation mission of Blessed Trinity Parish.   It is responsible for determining the educational needs of the community and for evaluating current and proposed faith formation.  The Council  works in collaboration with the Faith Formation staff, making recommendations as well as providing support.  The Faith Formation staff is responsible for implementing and managing the specific Faith Formation programs. Faith Formation programs include religious education for all ages, sacramental preparation, and retreats.

Our Parish’s Philosophy About Faith Formation

Faith Formation engages the mind, heart, and will.   Our goal is to develop cognitive and effective abilities and nurture spiritual growth leading to an adult commitment to Christ.  We seek to be a parish where people of all ages can grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of God  through Christ and His Church so that they become reflections of Christ in all they do.  All parishioners are strongly encouraged to continue to learn and grow in faith so they can live the faith, pass it on to the next generation, and share it with the wider world. Faith formation includes becoming familiar with the symbols, creed, sacred scriptures and other traditions of our Church, as well as actively participating in the sacramental life of the Church.  Since effective faith develops through relationships and in community, we seek to build a welcoming and accepting parish through  friendship, hospitality, and active works of charity.