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Liturgy Commission

Liturgy Commission


The Liturgy Commission is a consultative body to the pastoral staff. They assess the spiritual and liturgical (worship) needs of Blessed Trinity Parish and provide direction for the broad goals, strategic planning and policies governing those needs. Members include representatives from the various liturgical ministries.    For more information contact Kelly Clark at 978-320-4205 or email her here.


Current Members:

Kelly Clark, Alan Hicks, Debbie Rhodes, Gail Poulter, Jim Lowthers, John Borowski, Jonell Borowski, Kathy Mancini, Rachel Muller, Sharon Laronga
Vladamir Lemaine, Randy Fisher, Rich Chenell, Sue Gormley, Tony Keaty, KiKi Donahue, David Carpenter, Chris Banks, & Jackie Butterfield.

Deacon Luc, Deacon Bill, Fr. Joe, & Fr. Peter