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Reserving Space at Blessed Trinity Parish

Do you need to reserve space at Blessed Trinity Parish for a meeting or event?

We have included links to the necessary forms below for coordinating use of the parish facility.  Please use the appropriate forms depending on your group's needs (see below). If you have questions or would like to check availability before reserving space you may contact the Parish Office at 978-320-4220 or Click to Email .

Please remember, all requests for use of parish facilities must be arranged directly through the Parish Office. No meetings or events can take place unless the Parish Office has been informed and authorization is given. This is extremely important for many reasons including ensuring everyone's safety, security and insurance purposes, avoiding "double booking", as well as insuring proper set up and comfort for your group.

Click the titles below to open a printable document for each form, hard copies of all the forms can be found in both churches, if you have any questions about these forms please contact KiKi Donahue, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator at 978-320-4212 or click here to email

The list below specifies which documents/forms apply based on the type of meeting or event you are planning. Be sure to review and fill out all applicable documents and forms.

Use of Facility:

Since we are a very vibrant and busy parish we are unable to offer space use to outside groups.

Parish Ministries are welcome to use the space, booking within a month of the current date.

  • Recurring Events/Meetings:  Groups/ministries will be asked to submit the Multiple Meetings -Room Request Form. We will strive to accommodate everyone, however, worship and education will be the first priorities. Please note:  The Multiple Meetings – Room Request Form is for reservation of the meeting space only, using the standard set-up of the meeting room.  If either Hall, or the St Catherine Mezzanine is requested, plus submit a Ministry Event Set-up Form (see below).  For each meeting/ event, please submit a Ministry Event Request Form at least ten days prior to the meeting / event.

  • Reserving Meeting/ Event Space:  For non-recurring meetings/events, the group/ministry leader should ensure that an Event Request Form is completed and submitted to the Parish office at least 10 days in advance.  For recurring events, please see above.

  • Set-up:  Unless requested, in advance, using the Event Set-Up Form, and the form is submitted to the Custodial Mailbox, set-up is the responsibility of the group/ ministry.
  • Clean-up:  Clean-up is the responsibility of each group/ministry using the facility, please ensure you leave it as you have found it, please use the post event check list to ensure this is done.

  • Accessing and Securing the Facility:  If your group/ministry has a key to the facility, please make sure that the facility is locked at the conclusion of your meeting/event.  If your group/ministry does not have a key, arrangements to unlock/lock the facility must be made at the time you schedule a meeting/event.  If any windows were opened during your meeting/event, make sure to shut and lock the windows at the conclusion of your meeting/event.  Additionally, please make sure that all lights have been turned off.

  • Cancellation Policy:  If your group/ ministry finds it necessary to cancel your meeting/event, please call the Parish Office to let them know you will no longer be holding your meeting/event so the space can be freed for other request.  

  • Fundraising: Blessed Trinity Parish Fundraising Event Authorization Form. Please complete the top portion of this form and give it to Eileen Faber or email it to her here. She will notify you of the pastor’s decision and return the form to you. If approved and the event takes place, you will then need to complete the bottom portion of the form and give it to our Business Manager, Dave LeBleu. If you need a check cut, please make sure to submit the proper check requisition form, and if you need to be reimbursed, please make sure to save all receipts and fill out a request for reimbursement form. Please note: this form is for approving the fundraising action only. The scheduling of any event is subject to space and resource availability.

  • Mercy Meals - If you are looking to book the hall for a Mercy Meal please refer to Page 9 of the Funeral Booklet, found here