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Capital Campaign


“With One Voice” Capital Campaign


We are pleased to announce that we have surpassed our minimum goal of raising $750,000! 


But Blessed Trinity always does more than the minimum! Our hope is to reach our challenge goal of $1,000,000. This will allow us to address some essential updates and repairs to our parish facilities at both churches.


All registered households that have not yet pledged were mailed a special campaign brochure outlining the work we hope to accomplish and suggested pledge plans to help us achieve our goal, a copy of it is also avalible below! All pledges, no matter what the amount, are greatly appreciated.

All funds raised will be used solely for our projects here at Blessed Trinity. 

We are asking all parishioners to consider a sacrificial pledge of $5,000. With a 10% down payment ($500) your pledge would be $125/a month for three years. All pledges and gifts, no matter the amount, are greatly appreciated! All contributions, from the smallest to the largest, are gratefully 

Pledge Reminders:

While you may make a payment at anytime, the following schedule will be followed for those 
requesting reminders. 

Monthly statements:  Mailed on the 15th of each month.

Quarterly statements:  Mailed March, June, September, December.

Semi-Annual:   Mailed June, December.

Annual: You will receive an annual statement each December. You may, 
however, make a payment at any time-including the anniversary date of your pledge. 


To ensure proper credit to your account, please be sure to include the payment coupon along with your check using the enclosed envelope. You may mail it to the parish or place it in the weekend 

Please return your gift on or before Trinity Sunday- June 4th!

Below you will find some helpful links for more information about the Capital Campaign, and projects to be done as well as forms and documents that go into greater detail about the plans and how you can make a pledge.  A letter and brochure has been mailed out, you can also view the borchure below:

Download the Brochure here


View Facility Repair Reports Here:

St. Anne Church and Offices

St. Catherine Church

St. Catherine Rectory

View Capital Campaign Forms here:

Capital Campaign Pledge Form

Case Statement of Need

Pledge Plans