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Living with Loss

Blessed Trinity Parish Living with Loss Support Program

If you or someone you know has suffered a recent loss or the passing of a loved one, you may need consolation, support and hope for the future. Blessed Trinity is offering a support program bringing together people whose hearts have been broken by a loss to share and heal together with the gift of God’s love and grace of the Holy Spirit.

The Living with Loss program at Blessed Trinity provides a supportive community to help us in our grief know that we are not alone, and that God’s word and prayer can help us cope and restore hope.

In Person Meetings

Monthly in person meetings are held on a Saturday 2:30- 3:45 pm prior to the 4:00 Mass at St. Catherine Church: 107 North Main Street, Westford MA

Click here to check the calendar for our meeting schedule.

Virtual Meetings via Zoom

Based on demand we also hold virtual Zoom meetings, allowing participants to join in the discussion from the comfort of their home.

Special Events

Check back here for any specail retreats or events.

Living with facilitator Loss AnneMarie Rowse Catholic Chaplin at Emerson Hospital shares a video message.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our facilitators via phone or click on their name to email:

Sue Gormley  at 978-320-4210                  Susan Butterfield at 978-337-9670      

Jackie Butterfield at 508-843-9123           Anne Marie Rowse at 978-287-3015

Kari Decelles at 978-799-7232