Prayer, Evangelization, & Stewardship


General Rules


  1. Automobiles or other vehicles are not allowed to travel at a speed greater than ten miles per hour.
  2. Fences, hedges, curbing, ironwork, wirework, seats, vases, urns, posts and steps are prohibited.
  3. Borders of 4” x 8” x 2” brick, installed flush (flat) with the ground on edge within 12” of the monument are permitted.
  4. All work within the grounds of the cemetery will be performed by cemetery employees only.
  5. Articles such as shells, stone chips, glass receptacles, wooden crosses, statues, or any other objects which may be considered objectionable will be removed by the Superintendent without further notice.
  6. The Superintendent will dispose of all floral designs at his discretion.  Funeral flowers will be removed within seven days following the interment service.  If inclement weather is expected flowers may be removed sooner. A longer period is injurious to the sod and detracts from the general appearance of the cemetery.
  7. Any person who destroys or defaces any monument, tree, shrub, plant or building is guilty of a serious offense, punishable by fine, imprisonment or both.  The law is strict on vandalism in cemeteries, and will be strictly enforced.
  8. Potted plants and decorations are prohibited during the mowing season (April thru November).  Artificial flowers, baskets, wreaths, sprays, etc., are forbidden except during the winter months.
  9. All Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day plants and decorations will be removed seven days following the holiday.
  10.  All Memorial Day plants and decorations will be removed seven days following the holiday.

Conditions and Restrictions

  1. Because of the uncertainty of soil conditions, the Cemetery will guarantee One (1) casket and one (1) cremation burial or two (2) cremation burials per each single 4’ x 10’ grave lot.
  2. The treatment of the grounds shall be subject to the general supervision and approval of the cemetery management and to such reasonable rules and regulations as the management may pass for the future welfare and appearance of the cemetery.
  3. No transfer of lots or graves will be made without the consent of the Manager or Superintendent.  Forms for legal transfers may be secured at the Cemetery Office.
  4. Said lot shall be indivisible and upon the decease of the owners, his/her heirs at law shall succeed to the privileges with the same restrictions, limitations and conditions.
  5. When a lot owner so wishes he may designate the person or persons to be interred in said lot after his demise, by filling out the proper instrument conveying the lot in trust to the cemetery, after the person or persons have been interred, the lot will be closed forever.
  6. To prevent grave settlement, concrete containers are required as outside cases for all burials.
  7. The Superintendent may use his best judgment in opening a grave, when the instructions are indefinite.


 Monuments, Marker, and Foundations

  1. Repairs and upkeep of all memorials is the responsibility of the lot owner.  The Cemetery will not be responsible for damage by vandals to any memorial within its confines.
  2. Information relative to type and size of memorial allowed on any given lot may be obtained at the Cemetery Office.
  3. The Superintendent shall have the authority to reject any plan or design for any memorial which, for reason of size, design, inscription, finish or quality of stone is, in the opinion of said unsuited to the lot or section on which it is to be placed.
  4. The dimensions and composition of all monuments to be erected must be submitted to the Office of the Cemetery to be approved by the Superintendent.
  5. No monument susceptible to disintegration or corrosion, such as limestone, sandstone, cement, or metal will be permitted.
  6. All monuments shall be located on the lot by the Superintendent according to the plan for that particular lot.
  7. Foundations will be built by cemetery employees only.
  8. Lot owners and monument dealers may obtain more detailed copies of rules and regulations governing the erection of monuments and markers by applying at the Parish Office.
  9. Monuments may not be installed until all payments are made in full to cemetery.

Planting Rules and Regulations

  1. Planting of evergreens, shrubs, and ornamental grass is not permitted.
  2. Individual lot owners are allowed to plant live flowers within 12” of the front or sides of the monument only, not to exceed the width of the monument.
  3. If you have a six or twelve grave lot, plants are allowed within 12” of the back of the monument.
  4. Nurserymen contracted by lot owners are prohibited from doing any type of planting.
  5. All other work within the grounds of St. Catherine Cemetery will be performed by cemetery employees only.
  6. In order to facilitate our mowing and maintenance program, grave decorations are not allowed during the mowing season (April thru October).  Artificial flowers, baskets, wreaths and winter decorations, etc. are allowed only during the winter months (November thru March).
  7. When trees outgrow their location or become unsightly, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent to enter the lot and remove the trees or parts thereof as he shall determine to be detrimental or unsightly, without further notice.
  8. Superintendent may have to remove flowers at his discretion, without notice, in order to facilitate equipment access for burials.

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