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Catholic Websites


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Official Catholic Church websites

The Vatican

The Vatican website provides links to Church documents, such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, New American Bible, documents of Vatican II, Papal documents, news, and links to other information such as the Vatican Library and Museums.

Archdiocese of Boston - the Archdiocese website

The Boston Pilot - the Archdiocese of Boston newspaper

Boston Vocations website

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - USCCB website
Daily Mass Readings - from the USCCB website
New American Bible - from the USCCB website

U.S. Catholic Bishop's Pro-life website

For Your Marriage - U.S. Catholic Bishops Marriage website
What have you done for your marriage today? Looking for some good tips on nurturing your marriage today? Visit the U.S. Bishops new marriage website. Take time to nurture your marriage - it's a lifetime adventure.

Massachusetts Catholic Marriage - "The Future Depends on Love"

The four Catholic bishops of Massachusetts are calling for an intensive campaign to educate Catholics concerning the truth of marriage and to empower them to make a case for it to the wider community. This project is called “The Future Depends on Love” and it is a statewide program of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference. Marriage is given to us by the Creator so that two blessings may flourish: love and life. 


Other Catholic Sites

Dynamic Catholic

Word on Fire - Bishop Barron

EWTN - Global Catholic Television and Radio Network

Boston Catholic Television - Archdiocese of Boston Television

Mass Times - Look up Catholic Churches and Mass times for US locations

The Word Among Us - Web site for the Monthly magazine.

The Word Among Us (Meditations) - Daily Scripture meditations from the Word Among Us website.

Rosary Center - Rosary Confraternity website

New Advent - (Catholic Encyclopedia, etc.)

The Real Presence Association - Read and learn more about Eucharistic Adoration and find Eucharistic Adoration sites throughout the USA

Marian Information Sites

Several websites offer very informative pages on the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception and Church teaching about Marian doctrine.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church presents the doctrine in the section on The Profession of Faith.
The Catholic Answers page with writings about Mary and the Saints offers a good explanation of the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding Mary.
The Catholic Culture website has a page with extensive information, document links and activities.
The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology offers an extensive Apologetics library (explanations of the Faith).


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