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K-8 Parent Resources

2020-21 Parent Resources Grades K-8

And we have reached the end! Below are the Session 6 lessons for First Eucharist. We hope the lessons have gone well. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'll be sending details for the FirstEucharist masses soon. In the meantime, please be thinking about whether or not your family would prefer socially distanced seating. We'll be asking for that information closer to each date. At this point, we can use the entire church for seating. Each child would have her/his own pew, then the rest of the church will be available for anyone extra who would like to attend the mass. Again, as we get closer to each mass, we, along with Fr. Joe and Fr, Peter, will evaluate where the state and Archdiocese guidelines are and make final decisions.
Also, if your child would like to do a reading or volunteer to bring up the gifts at the offertory, please email Kathy Mancini and let us know how your child would like to participate. We are very much hoping and praying that guidelines will remain the same so that we can have a church full of love and joy to celebrate our sweet children on their remarkable day!
If you have picked up a banner to complete at home, please return it as soon as possible. The doors into the Parish Center are unlocked and there is a basket in which you can leave it.
We're so excited to join with the children and their families as they complete this chapter of their faith journey! So much to look forward to!

First Eucharist Preparation Lessons:

Week of May 28 – June 3: Session 1 Lesson

Week of June 4 – 10: Session 2 Lesson

Week of June 11 – 17:  Session 3 Lesson

Week of June 18 – 24: Session 4 Lesson

Week of June 25 – July 1: Session 5 Lesson

Week of July 2 – 8: Session 6 Lesson



Grade 2 Sacrament Preparation:We look forward to celebrating the Sacrament of First Reconciliation later this month and the Sacrament of First Eucharist in July and August.  Please refer to the following links with information from our recent Parent Meeting.

Parent Meeting Videos: 

March Parent Meeting Video
February Parent Meeting Video
January Parent Meeting Video
November Parent Meeting Video
October Parent Meeting Video

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The Parish Library is upstairs in St. Catherine Church Parish Center Mezzanine. This library is especially for your use; it works on the honor system. (You sign out your books in the white notebook, then when you return the books, you cross out your name.) The books are shelved according to category:

  • 100′s: Bibles and Bible Commentaries
  • 200′s: Books about the Nature of Jesus (Christology)
  • 300′s: Church History
  • 400′s: Saints and Biographies of Religious People
  • 500′s: Church Doctrine
  • 600′s: Theology and Sacraments
  • 700′s: Ministry
  • 800′s: Psychology of Faith, Overcoming Grief, Depression, Abuse or Violence, or Addictions
  • 850′s: Prayer, Medication, Personal Retreats, Prayer Collections
  • 900′s: Other Religious Traditions
  • IN: (green label) Inspirational Books, filed by author
  • INF: (green label) Inspirational Fiction
  • INP: (green label) Inspirational Poetry
  • C: (yellow label) Children’s Books (pre-school-elementary)
  • M: (Multi-media) We are slowly developing an audio and video section as well.