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K-8 Parent Resources

2020-21 Parent Resources Grades K-8


Links to Project Nazareth Toolkits and Weekly Readings 

The Epiphany of the Lord (January 3):
Project Nazareth Jan 3.pdf
Epiphany Readings

The Baptism of the Lord (January 10):
Project Nazareth Jan 10.pdf
Baptism of of the Lord Readings

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 17):
Project Nazareth Jan 17.pdf
2nd Sunday Readings

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 24):
Project Nazareth Jan 24.pdf
3rd Sunday Readings

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 31):
Project Nazareth Jan 31.pdf
4th Sunday Readings

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Month of January


Month of January




Check out the January Parent Meeting below if you couldn't join us:

Here are the handouts from the meeting:  Bible Time Line and The Bible & the Lectionary

Do You Want to Learn More?

If Peg's presentation has inspired you to learn more about the Bible, consider joining Ascension Press's Bible in a Year podcast.  You can learn more about it here and by watching the video with Fr. Mike Schmitz.


Save the Date for our next Parent event will be "Lenten Ideas for the Family" presented by Sue Gormley & Jackie Butterfield.  It will be held on Wednesday evening February 3 at 7:00PM.

Parent Meeting Videos: 

November Parent Meeting Video
October Parent Meeting Video

Current and back issued material:

December 2020
November 2020
October 2020


Suggested January Activities

Epiphany home blessing for the New Year... 

"On Epiphany, it is traditional for families to bless their homes, remembering the hospitality of the Holy Family to the Wise Men and asking for protection and blessing on the home and all who enter.

The home blessing is done by writing on the door or door frame with chalk the symbols 20+C+M+B+21. The 20 and 21 represent the current year. The + reminds us of the cross on which our Savior died. The C, M, and B stand for the traditional names of the Wise Men, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, as well as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase “Christus mansionem benedicat” which means “Christ bless this house.” Writing on the door also brings to mind the Passover of the Jews during the final plague in Exodus, when the blood of the lamb protected the inhabitants within."  (From Click here to learn more about this blessing and how to do this in your home.  This can also be done on a plaque that you hang above or next to your door.  


The Parish Library is upstairs in St. Catherine Church Parish Center Mezzanine. This library is especially for your use; it works on the honor system. (You sign out your books in the white notebook, then when you return the books, you cross out your name.) The books are shelved according to category:

  • 100′s: Bibles and Bible Commentaries
  • 200′s: Books about the Nature of Jesus (Christology)
  • 300′s: Church History
  • 400′s: Saints and Biographies of Religious People
  • 500′s: Church Doctrine
  • 600′s: Theology and Sacraments
  • 700′s: Ministry
  • 800′s: Psychology of Faith, Overcoming Grief, Depression, Abuse or Violence, or Addictions
  • 850′s: Prayer, Medication, Personal Retreats, Prayer Collections
  • 900′s: Other Religious Traditions
  • IN: (green label) Inspirational Books, filed by author
  • INF: (green label) Inspirational Fiction
  • INP: (green label) Inspirational Poetry
  • C: (yellow label) Children’s Books (pre-school-elementary)
  • M: (Multi-media) We are slowly developing an audio and video section as well.