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K-8 Parent Resources

2020-21 Parent Resources Grades K-8

This month instead of a parent meeting, we will have a virtual K-8 Family Gathering on the Easter Season on Thursday, April 15 at 4:30-5:15 PM.  (Note: for those of you in Gr. 3-5, this is your Family Gathering expanded to the K-8 program).  Please plan to have at least one parent participating as there will be time for family discussion.  Please CLICK HERE to register, and we hope to see you there! 



Links to Project Nazareth Toolkits and Weekly Readings

The readings for this month focus on the Jesus' resurrection appearances to his disciples and on Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  Click on the Project Nazareth toolkits below to explore these Gospel readings with your family.  
*If you aren't able to get through the entire toolkit, try focusing on just the Prayer section of Project Nazareth.  Do as much (or as little) as you are able! 

Second Sunday of Easter (April 11):
Project Nazareth April 11.pdf
2nd Sunday Readings
Fourth Sunday of Easter (April 25):
Project Nazareth April 25.pdf
4th Sunday Readings
Third Sunday of Easter (April 18):
Project Nazareth April 18.pdf
3rd Sunday Readings

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From Miss Jackie: "I wanted to let you know before you hear it from others.  I've made the very difficult decision to retire from Director of Faith Formation after 24 years of service to St. Anne's and since 2015 both Parishes in K-2 on April 23.  I will miss the ministry, but it is time to start a new chapter in my life.  I have been teaching "little ones " for over 50 years." 
We wish Jackie well in her retirement and want to assure you of a smooth transition forward.  Please watch your email for further information.

CLICK HERE to register for the next Gr. 3-5 Family Gathering (April 15 at 4:30PM); Siblings welcome; More information will follow soon!



Check out the March Parent Meeting below if you couldn't join us:


To help you in that effort, we have compiled many resources on prayer, crafts, activities, etc. Please remember that this is not a list of items that you have to complete.  These are some ideas to help you observe Lent as a family.  

Due to Covid, there will be no in-person Ash Wednesday services but you will be able to watch the Ash Wednesday service with Deacon Bill (to be sent out next week), and use the blessed ashes that you pick up from one of the churches. 

Another resource that you may find useful (and may already be familiar with) is the Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl.  These are the cardboard "bowls" that we can pick up at church and use during Lent as part of our almsgiving.  The CRS website is a great resource for Lent, with many reflections, prayers, meatless recipes, and activities, and we encourage you to take a look at it. 

Lenten Calendar for Families:

Resources for Prayer and Faith Formation at Home

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The Parish Library is upstairs in St. Catherine Church Parish Center Mezzanine. This library is especially for your use; it works on the honor system. (You sign out your books in the white notebook, then when you return the books, you cross out your name.) The books are shelved according to category:

  • 100′s: Bibles and Bible Commentaries
  • 200′s: Books about the Nature of Jesus (Christology)
  • 300′s: Church History
  • 400′s: Saints and Biographies of Religious People
  • 500′s: Church Doctrine
  • 600′s: Theology and Sacraments
  • 700′s: Ministry
  • 800′s: Psychology of Faith, Overcoming Grief, Depression, Abuse or Violence, or Addictions
  • 850′s: Prayer, Medication, Personal Retreats, Prayer Collections
  • 900′s: Other Religious Traditions
  • IN: (green label) Inspirational Books, filed by author
  • INF: (green label) Inspirational Fiction
  • INP: (green label) Inspirational Poetry
  • C: (yellow label) Children’s Books (pre-school-elementary)
  • M: (Multi-media) We are slowly developing an audio and video section as well.